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's tahman bradley joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny. good morning, rob. it looks like it will be one for the ages. we are four months from the election. and the new poll shows a dead heat. as the race ramps up in a couple races. the contest is dead-even. president obama and mitt romney are tied among registered voters nationally. but the poll shows troubling news for the president. 63% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. after another slow month for job growth, president obama is renewing his look on taxes, vowing to extend tax cuts for the middle-class. and raising taxes for those that make more than $250,000 a year. >> folks like me, we don't need a tax cut. that will help pay down our deficit. >> reporter: the president is personally calling on his opponent to release his tax returns. saying it's important for him to be an open book. romney says he has nothing to hide. >> all the taxes are paid, as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there's nothing hidden there. >> reporter: the
reservoir and arizona. basically headed into georgetown. can't do it this morning. use mcarthur boulevard as the work around due to storm damage and cleanup. if you are traveling over enterprise road, blocked off between 450 and 50 due to wires down across the highway. again, various situations across town. wires down, standing water to deal with along hunter mill road, south of sunrise valley. number of signals are still dark. be patient making your drive into work today. hov listed on 270 and 66 inside of the beltway to alleviate the tieups. it was a help this morning. things will change by tomorrow. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> thank you so much. there are quite a few closures due to the damages and power outages. the federal government is open today, with an unscheduled leave and unscheduled telework policy in effect. nonemergency federal workers must notify their job if they plan to take leave or telework. maryland state workers can use their liberal leave. montgomery county government is open, d.c. government is open, prince george's county open with liberal le
, and persuade them to return. >> reporter: he's a former senior scientologist who claims the church uses extreme measures against people like him. >> come on, marty. do you have anything to say? >> this sounds like movie stuff. i'm sorry, marty, this sounds too complicated to believe. >> i mean, i don't know what to tell you. can you handle the truth? >>> also tonight, richard engel with a view we have never seen before of the uprising inside syria. he made the trip with a rebel commander fighting to liberate his hometown. >> it's 4:00 a.m. and ali bakran is saying good-bye to his parents, possibly for the last time. he's on the front line of a surprising new syria few outsiders have glimpsed. he says, "the regime controls only where it keeps its tanks. that's it." >>> and the "costa concordia" is still submerged after six months. and some passengers who had to fight for their lives that night say now they're forced to fight for their rights. harry smith has a story everyone who's ever considered a cruise needs to see. >> it's a totally different world out there as far as your rights are concern
for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on "cnn saturday morning" which starts right now. >> announcer: from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn saturday morning." >>> june jobs numbers send investors into panic as the dow plunges over 100 points. why the numbers just didn't add up for wall street. >> we see this as a powerful symbol of our commitment to afghanistan's future. >> reporter: an unannoun. >>> an unannounced visit to afghanistan and announcement on troop withdrawal. >>> two great whites threaten the coast of cape cod. now the hunt is on to find them before they claim a human life. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. out west. thanks for waking up with us. we start this morning with the economy and new jobs report. it wasn't quite what experts had hoped. just 80,000 jobs added in june. that fell below expectations and caused a ripple through the stock market. the dow down 124 points at the close. there was some good news. additions in manufacturing jobs was a highlight for the white house. 14,000 jobs were
"starting point," 17-year-old lia neal will join us live. she is the second african-american woman to make the u.s. swim team. >>> also, ben la bolt. >>> and jack abramoff. should be a lot going on. >> not appearing all together? >> should we do that? >> it could be very interesting. >> no, no. thanks so much for joining us. have a wonderful fourth of july. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. >>> now to carol costello in "cnn newsroom." >> good morning, and happy fourth of july to you too. >>> hot, hot, hot. today could be one of the hottest july fourths ever. that could happen in several major cities. heat, humidity, and thunderstorms will blanket the nation. >>> plus, this. >> just think of how many we got into one sentence. that was really impressive. what wrote this [ bleep ]? >> oh, new york mayor michael bloomberg unplugged at the nathan's hot dog wagon. seems he couldn't stomach the puns, like let me be frank. it's going to be a dog fight. and i'll relish it. it's bloomberg like we've never seen him. >>> also -- >> you can see the sparks flying all over the place. it was raining
4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us with the first forecast. veronica another hot, humid, sticky day. >> we're seeing a north and northeasterly wind and that is allowing some of the dew point and moisture to start mixing out of here. as far as the temperatures go, today we started out slightly higher than we did yesterday. we failed to drop below 82 degrees and we missed the record high low temperature by 1 degree. 93 is where we are right now with a northeast wind, again, at 3 miles per hour. that dew point temperature 57 degrees and we're getting a little bit of a break now, i like that. but i still expect the actual air temperature to take us into the upper 90s to right around 100 degrees in many neighborhoods today. take a look. it's 88 right now in leesburg and 9d 3 in d.c. and 90 in culpeper and around new carrollton and the temperature currently 91 degrees. that heat index value, again, cooperating for right now. low to mid-90s currently and expect to see the air temperature top out, again, right near 100 degrees. feels like later today, 105. could be excessive and
will be safer and more secure. >> the announcement paves the way for the u.s. and afghanistan to maintain a defense in economic relationship long after u.s. troop withdrawal. >>> as i said, secretary clinton on her way to tokyo. in japan she will be asking international donors to pledge their support for afghanistan. right now libyans are going to the polls in their first free election in decades. it is one of the reasons they overthrew moammar gadhafi's 40 year dictatorship, the chance at democracy. libyans electing the assembly which will form a transitional government. joining me from tripoli, our journalist. you've been out to the polling center. tell us what the mood is like. >> reporter: randi, it's an incredible atmosphere in tripoli. it's been six hours since the polls opened in tripoli and across the country. people are driving around waving the free libya flag and showing us the purple finger. they are so proud of this day and the ability to vote on this day. we went to one polling center in one of the neighborhoods in tripoli where an uprising of moammar gadhafi started and the
families, which brings us to our first story here tonight. it's about a cruise ship, the "costa concordia," that remains on those rocks off the coast of italy for six months now. it's about what we now know happened that night. but it's also about all cruise ships and anyone who's ever considered a trip on one. harry smith, who covered the initial disaster, is back tonight to show us in the murky world of fine print for travelers that ship isn't the only thing that remains submerged. >> you can see the stone, there's a big rock lodged in the hull. >> reporter: look at the size of that. >> reporter: six months ago we were at the scene of the "costa concordia" wreck. captain jim fee, an american who has sailed these waters, told us what had to happen. >> how bad was the judgment of the captain of the ship who sailed so close by this island? >> completely irresponsible. it's something he has to be severely punished and condemned for. >> reporter: the ship still lies there as if the tragedy happened yesterday. for many who were on board memories of that night of chaos are just as immediate. >
cubs. now, she tells us about how she freed the cubs, all without getting a scratch. >>> all this, as the u.s. women's gymnastics team takes the stage for the first time. "good morning america" is live at the olympics with all of the latest. >>> we were just looking at that wide shot there, we just stepped off of a wedding cake. good morning, everybody. >> we're both married to other people. good morning, everyone. >> this morning, one day in, a huge olympic shocker already. take a look at this photo. ryan lochte winning the 400 meter i.m. gold. take a look at the diamond grill that he has in his mouth. he was wearing lime green shoes as well. but let's show you the other photo. michael phelps, the first time that he didn't place. he went to his coach and he said that was horrible. >> we should say that these two will be facing off again in just a couple days. abc's bill weir will have the latest live from london. >>> also coming up this morning -- mitt romney in israel today, taking an aggressive stance on iran. he was greeted warmly by the prime anyone ster of israel. will this
. took out this power line. this could still be energized because a power official told us a short time ago if the lines do not hit the ground themselves, they may not trip out automatically. so this could still be energized, posing a danger for the crews. then they have to remove the huge tree and get to that. and this scene is repeated throughout the state. downed trees, a huge, huge problem for power crews throughout west virginia. we talked to the ceo charles patton earlier this morning to ask him how they prioritize getting people back into service. >> well, first of all, we look at critical care. we look at hospitals. we look at water and waste water facilities to make sure that our customers in this region do have water, potable water. and then what we try to do is get the biggest bang for our buck. meaning we try to get as many customers on as we can with the next operation that we undertake. >> reporter: you heard him mention potable water. that's a big problem because a lost the pumps that take care of the pressure in your shower or sink were knocked out. they are trying to re
she suspect heed was using synthetic marijuana, k 2 or spice. a relatively new drug, herbs, sprayed with chemicals. often marketed as incense. doctors say what makes it most dangerous is they don't know what kind of chemicals are used or what behavior it will provoke. >> i have seen children who are aggressive and violent. on another spectrum we have seen children with catatonic, slow movements not moving at all or no speech. tests show the drug was in lane's grandson's system at the time of the shooting. but the critical evidence may be this sound. another gunshot while he was on the phone with a 911 operator. >> i got shot again. help. >> reporter: a grandmother now on trial for murdering the very person she says she loved. and was trying to help. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> okay, the kid was using drugs. if she shot him while he has been shot on the phone to police and they're on their way what possible defense? >> i have no idea. i am just flabbergasted. when you listen to something like that. grandparents are just -- you know they usually just adore their grandchildre
then had to go back and revise the numbers. they tell us something it is a little better than it is and we wind up with a lower number. that is what happened in april. that is what happened in may. that happened in march as well. so this 100,000 if history has any bearing will later get revised downward. we hope not. but that is what has been happening. we'll wait as the number set to come out in a few days. megyn: new developments in the battle for harlem congressman charlie rangel's congressional seat. we're told his opponent is heading to court to file paperwork that could open up the possibility of a new election. this after his challenger questioned results of last tuesday's vote. the gap between the two men now down to just 800 votes. meantime charlie rangel is asking his supporters to send money to help defend his primary victory. >>> fox news alert. immigration and customs enforcement officer has been shot while investigating a case on the u.s.-mexico border. that agent now undergoing surgery at a local hospital. trace gallagher picks up the story from our west coast newsroom. trac
's disappointing overall and even more troubling for african-americans. plus, a u.s. veteran who lost both legs in iraq now embroiled in a rather nasty house race against an incumbent who first suggested she's not a true war hero. tammy duckworth is here in "the situation room" to respond. >>> also, a millionaire's apparent suicide just seconds after he's convicted of arson. what may have caused this shocking end to a life seemingly spinning out of control? >>> and great white shark spottings heightened. fears along the cape cod area. our own brian todd is on a boat with experts trying to track them down. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> right now a disappointing jobs report kicks off day two of president obama's bus tour into overdrive and arms his opponent, mitt romney, with new political ammunition to use against him. look at this. unemployment is stuck at 8.2%. and only 80,000 jobs added in june. the numbers are even worse when you look at minorities. we're covering all sides of this dramatic political story. our own dan lothian and dana bash, they are both standing by
kelly. the latest sign our economy is slumping? the u.s. manufacturing output. for the first time since july of '09 9 number has actually gone down. it follows weeks of unemployment claims that have pushed the 400,000 mark. now economists are worried that friday's report on june's hiring could be more bad news. joining us to discuss it, chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on foxnews.com. they're talking in addition to the manufacturing slump which managed to sustain the worst of the pummeling as we've seen job numbers go down, manufacturing has been doing all right. but not currently. not only that but they're talking about a jobs number that could be only 100,000 jobs created? i mean in january it was 275,000. put it in perspective for us. >> think about this. we talk about it before, megyn, in the past two successive years you seen the cycle play out of the optimism about the economy early part of the year gives way to bad news and discouragement in the summer and into the fall. that is, pattern that if it repeats itself for goodness sakes it
of letting up dominating the sunday talk shows. listen to this florida's governor vowing to defy the u.s. supreme court ruling. kelly wright is live from washington. tell us about this and other governors that may follow suit. >> i will get to that but let's talk about what's going on with the debate. the supreme court made a surprise decision that uphold the care act. it is a victory for obama who is saying the time to to focus on jobs and the economy. 5-4 the affordable care act is constitutional. john roberts known as a conservative voting with the four liberal justices on the court declaring the law is constitutional under federal taxing powers. >>> jack lew telling fox news despite them calling the law on tax in reality he says it's a penalty fee with the individual man daylight that purchase health insurance. >> the only thing that puts a burden to pay more is penalty for those who can afford insurance and those who choose to buy it. that's 1 percent of the population. in massachusetts where this was tested in the plan governor romney put in place 1 percent of the population ended
them overly intoxicated or by using date rain drugs. >> reporter: they're rapists? >> yes, they're rapists. >> reporter: according to jacques who worked for two major crew lines, crew members are often complicit, even using on-board computers, passenger manifests to spot their prey. you know this? >> yes, i know this for a fact. >> reporter: hard to believe? we thought so too. until we met laura haynes, who worked for 17 years as an agent with customs and border protection. her main job, she says, was dealing with passengers and staff on cruise ships. and she shares the same opinion and concerns as jacques. so your estimate of ships that go out to sea, loaded with passengers, that may have at least one predator on board -- >> yes. >> reporter: is? >> 85%. >> reporter: you heard right, 85%. crimes are rarely reported. and in many instances, even if caught, crew members could still end up on another ship. >> and the cruise lines say that doesn't happen and i know for a fact it does because i've seen it. >> reporter: the cruise line international association disputes her assertion.
music hall of fame. want to bring in our own larry king who joins us by phone who knows mr. griffith well. you interviewed him several times. give us your impressions, your sense of who he was. >> well, suzanne, he was an incredible person. not only as a talent but as a friend and as an individual. he was always kind and sweet and he was an underrated performer in my opinion. he did a movie called "a face in the crowd" in which he played a -- i guess it was sort of a controlling media figure who played sort of a hit who suddenly becomes a famous american, influencing politics and everything has and his comeuppance at the end. he got an academy award nomination. he was bbrilliant. he did a play call eed "no time for sergeants" which was turned into a film, a great theatrical comedy. ran a long, long time. he made a comedy album called "what it was was football." what can you say about what he did on american television with two, two great series and fostering a career of ron howard who has gone on to become one of the major directors? i did a show with andy and ron together, and it wa
as the tricky but by no means impossible mechanics of it. first, tax or penalty? joining us now, ari fleischer, cnn political contributor and former white house press secretary for george w. bush. all, bill burton, senior strategist for the top pro-obama super pac and senior legal analyst for cnn jeffrey toobin. jeff, let me begin with you. it's a simple question but not a simple answer. tax or penalty? >> john roberts' opinion said that this penalty, tax, whatever you want to call it, this punishment, this payment, was justified under the taxing power of the constitution. that was why he approved the whole plan. that's what he said. what a bunch of politicians want to call it is the fight we're having now. >> to be really clear, if you parse the opinion, it suggests that those who don't go out and get the insurance under the new law will be punished with a tax. >> correct. that's exactly what the opinion holds. it's not a lot of people. if massachusetts is the example we're talking about, it's about 1% of the population refused to get health insurance and can afford it, those people will be p
overdrive and arms his opponent, mitt romney, with new political ammunition to use against him. look at this. unemployment is stuck at 8.2%. and only 80,000 jobs added in june. the numbers are even worse when you look at minorities. we're covering all sides of this dramatic political story. our own dan lothian and dana bash, they are both standing by live. but first cnn's poppy harlow breaks down the numbers. >> hi there, wolf. i think the headline for this jobs report is disappointing. only 80,000 jobs created in the month of june. unemployment stays at 8.2%. we need to be creating somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 jobs a month pretty consistently to bring that rate down. issues here 12.7 million americans still unemployed in this country. 5.4 million of them have been out of work for six months or longer. the longer you're out of work, the longer it takes you to find a job. that is a problem. also very key here. 2.5 million people are not counted in this unemployment rate at all. they can work, but they have stopped looking for work. so they're not counted in the unemploy
wildfires. at least two people now have died in the state's most destructive wildfire ever. the u.s. forest service is warning it could be mid-july before all these fires are out. >>> the crews who fight the fires, of course, heroes. today, people mourning four members of the fire fighting team. their c-130 military plane crashed sunday night in north dakota. the crew members were in the north carolina national guard helping with fire control efforts in the black hills. flags are now flying at half-staff across north carolina today. >>> no power, no patience for the fourth consecutive day. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of americans still in the dark. i want you to check out this map. more than 1 million customers from indiana to new jersey sweating it out without air-conditioning. the biggest numbers are in west virginia. more than 350,000. and virginia, almost 279,000. >>> sandra is in arlington where they're simply wondering when are the lights going to come back on? >> reporter: suzanne, there's slow progress being made. still more than 1 million people across 11 states are w
an iranian news agency that iran could destroy u.s. bases and strike israel within minutes. within minutes undreamt minutes of any possible attack could take. take a look at this map. the long-range missile is believed to be able to strike the area in yellow. that highlights where u.s. forces are stationed, and of course, israel. leland vitter is live with more. reporter: the revolutionary guard is not directly threatening the united states and its forces in the middle east. we know from our reporting yesterday that in the last 24 hours, a large buildup has been going on, including the f-22s, now based in the middle east, possibly capable of eight attacks inside iran. iranians may the iranians may be worried about an american attack as they are an israeli attack or the latest wargames involving a missile. what they say are mockups of enemy bases in the region. a 1 ton warhead can carry a chemical weapon warhead. the news media in a run has been clear about the threats towards u.s. military bases. we want to show you the map again. 1,250,000 miles. that means the bulk grain-based, just acro
basket, is being hit hard, you're about to get hit hard in your wallet. the price of corn, used in everything from cereal to livestock feed, rose by 30% alone. here is why the extreme drought has left one-third of the corn crop in three states in poor or very poor condition. it hasn't been this bad in three decades. the first items you'll see more expensive are dairy products, beef and chicken, because, josh, they all rely on animals fed by corn. >> indeed. will there be relief? get that from sam in moments. >>> now, to developing news about gas prices. a strike by oil workers overseas was called off. and that could calm the markets. that's why prices rose for the first time since april. the national average this morning, $3.38 per gallon. >>> and the u.s. government is offering a $1 million reward this morning in the hopes of capturing the four men wanted for gunning down a border patrol agent. brian terry was killed in a shoot-out just north of the arizona/mexico border, by mexican border bandits who robbed gunrunners. two are linked to the u.s. sting operation that armed thos
for getting up with us today. it is monday july the 2nd. we have live team coverage this morning on the aftermath of those dead stloirms that take place across the north and mid atlantic. first let's start with your 5@5:00. >>> the same al qaeda terrorist who tried to blow planes out of the skies in 2009 hatching another plot to take down another jet. the terror group's branch in the arabian peninsula recruited a norwegian man. the training is specifically targeted jets between now and the start of the olympics in london in late july. >> an airplane crashes in a wildfire. it's a c 130 hercules. it went down in the southwest quarter of the state while battling the fire. the flames already burning 4200 acres there. crews rescuing people from the plane no word on what caused the crash. >>> an up close fist hand look at what caused the damage in the wildfire. 46 thousand people forced to leave their houses in colorado springs now going back to return to see the damage. there's not much left. >> oh my god. i wouldn't believe this if i didn't see it. that's my basement. the dry ar look
average so far this year. stu varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network joins us now. so, stu, read the tea leaves so to speak for us. what are we expecting? >> i've got two pointers for you, heather. both of them suggest a weak jobs report. pointer number one, personal spending, consumer spending, it's actually fallen in each of the last two months. now in america that is a very unusual happening. normally, consumer spending goes up gradually. for the last two months it has actually gone down. second pointer, today we received a report from visa which suggests that this july the 4th week we will spend 11% less on july 4th related events than we did last year. so pointer number one is weak spending. that suggest a weak jobs report. but there is another one. so far this year the number of people filing unemployment claims, and that is an indicator of layoffs, that has gone up. we're now very close to the danger eppoint of 400,000 new faces on the unemployment lines each and every week. two pointers suggest weakness in the jobs report come friday morning. i would offer the
reform law. nbc's brian mooar joins us from washington with the latest on this. brian, good morning. >> good morning, lynn. the house is heading forward for what looks like a show vote, but for the republicans, it's an important show in this election year. >> the gentle lady yields back her time. the gentleman from florida's recognized. >> reporter: house republicans head back into battle today against president obama's healthcare reform law. >> they would make you believe that it's all free, but it's not. it's going to cost somebody, and that's going be the american citizen. >> reporter: the house is brushing aside the supreme court decision upholding the law and senate democrats sure to shoot down any repeal. the senate is already looking ahead to the next big battleground, overextending the bush era tax cuts. >> the economic consequences of taking more money from successful people. >> reporter: senate republicans are pushing back on president obama's call to extend the cuts for one year, but only for those making less than $250,000 a year. >> let's not hold the vast majority of a
the nation's health care reform law. nbc's brian mooar joins us from washington with the latest on all of this. brian, good morning. >> good morning, lynn. the house is headed forward for what looks like a show vote, but for the republicans, it's an important show in this electionee. >> the gentlelady yields back her time. >> reporter: house republicans head back into office today. >> they make you believe it's all free, but it's not. it's going to cost somebody, and that's going be the american citizen. >> the house is brushing aside the decision upholding the law and democrats sure to shoot down any appeal. it's over extending the bush era tax cut. >> the economic consequences of taking more money from successful people. >> reporter: senate republicans are pushing back to expend it for one year, but only for those making less than $250,000 a year. >> let's not hold the vast majority of the americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. >> reporter: mitt romney in a radio interview called the proposal an economic misstep. >> we
at as to how people are feeling us. what is the misery index. about whether to continue with president obama in the white house. shannon: president obama talks about the dismal situation he inherited. he says for 28 straight months the private sector has added jobs at a rate of 4.4 million. is that going to be a strong selling point for him? >> you can slice that the other direction, too. you can say any months that you don't have 125,000 new jobs coming you are losing ground. you have new people young people entering the workforce. you are adding, but not enough to keep up with what you need for population growth. that is where the president has been for the last several months. good news in the wintertime, things aren't that bad, then we got will be having two consecutive years, as he did into the second quarter, it starts in the president finds himself here now. shannon: a june poll showed that 55% disapprove of how the president is handling the economy. when we go out and take these polls about what the most important things are in the election, people say it is the economy. will that ca
drivers license and fake u.s. passport at the time of the attack. jeffrey kofman has the latest. >> reporter: the suicide bomber targeted israeli tourists who come to bulgaria for holiday at a quiet black sea resort. just as they boarded the bus, the blast ripped true the vehicle. killing the driver, and five israelries. >> people are hurt, without legs, without heads. >> reporter: this youtube video shows the scene moments after the huge explosion. this security video shows the bomber in the airport just minutes before. he appears to be wearing a wig. he carried with him an american i.d. a michigan driver's license. but the city, baton rouge, as in louisiana. a cheap fake. no one claimed responsibility yet. but israel has no doubts. >> this is clearly a terrorist attack initiated by hezbollah, hamas, jihad or any other group. >> reporter: israel is convinced this is the work of iran. there have been repeated alerts and warnings in recent months about iranian-backed attacks on israelis. and today, israel is vying to avenge this attack. josh. >> jeffrey kofman, thank you. >>> now
a chemical weapon warhead. the news media in a run has been clear about the threats towards u.s. military bases. we want to show you the map again. 1,250,000 miles. that means the bulk grain-based, just across the persian gulf, is in the bull's-eye. as our u.s. bases in afghanistan and kuwait were the united states has a massive military presence. protecting those nearly 100,000 u.s. soldiers in harms way will be the patriot missile. we remember seeing the patriot missile video from desert storm. they have new upgraded patriot missiles around the middle ace. also, in this area, we have a fleet there, as well as the arrow missile interceptor, while it is certainly capable, it is not foolproof and some of the missiles that landed to the tel aviv and jerusalem areas. it is the direct threats that might impact the united states. an important change in the rhetoric. it shows that the iranians are watching the united states build up and giving the united states an excuse to bring in more forces to the region, which they are they're doing ahead of october wargames, which will be between the unit
but the problems created by the devastating recent heat wave are still on the rise. according to the u.s. government, record heat has left corn and soybeans in the worst shape since 1988's farm belt drought and that means higher food prices could be on the way. nbc's jay gray has details. >> reporter: as a record heat wave finally begins to break, the concern, damage and deadly effects still linger. after temperatures over 100 degrees across much of the country for the past two weeks. >> it's a very dangerous circumstance. >> reporter: the extreme conditions are being blamed for at least 74 deaths across 14 states. and noaa scientists confirmed what many of us have already felt -- the first six months of this year have been hottest ever on record. >> we've seen worsening conditions across much of the intermountain west stretching through the central plains and into the ohio valley. that's having impacts on the ground such as the wildfires we've been seeing. also with agriculture. >> reporter: a cold front this week could drop temperatures in many places by 10 to 15 degrees, bringing some
the difference here is an election year. dana bash is live for us on capitol hill and why now? why this debate now? >> there are lots of reasons. first and foremost that some democrats i talked to admit this is a change in focus. and a change that, understandably they want to put forward because the big economic issue we were talking about late last week was how the jobs report was so dismal and how the economy is just in a terrible place for the president. so he absolutely used the bully pulpit to talk about the issues they believe according to internal polling and public polling as well really benefits them the idea that middle class americans should get a tax extension and those who are wealthier should not. and that is with the way that they want to frame the debate when it comes to the economy. >> you mention when it comes to this the polls are on his side. we pointed out today he has the public on his side. why might republicans think this is a winning issue for them? >> brooke, because they feel that history is on their side and that any time the discussions about tax cuts o
? >> who knew? >>> good news for the folks visiting us on vacation. if you're hitting the road for the fourth of july break, the gas prices continue to plummet. >> good news for a lot of folk. >>> exclusive video of the family of the american graduate student that was attack by chimps. they're arriving at a hospital in south africa. their son is in stable condition. we'll have the latest with andrew. >> what a story. >>> we begin with the heat wave. 16 states under warnings of advisories this morning. adding to the scorcher, millions out power. sam is out, kicks off the coverage this morning. outside times square. >> hey, good morning, robin. 3,165 record-high temperatures in the month of june, this, as we just start july. the fiery red dots in the middle of the record-high temperatures. the yellow represent the 3,000. the red dots are the warmest temperatures ever. nashville, never happened before, 109. atlanta, 106. raleigh, 105. we were on pace with the temperatures in saudi arabia and all over the deserts. with all that heat came an awful lot of storm. about a thousand stor
. join us for hot dogs and garlic fries. all that and more on "cbs this fries. all that and more on "cbs this morning saturday," july 7, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> it is a core scorcher of a saturday we join us. >> it's supposed to hit 100 here in. >> you think about new york, chicago, all across the country. we begin with that heat wave. it will not quit. excessive heat warnings are going to remain in place today for much of the country and in some places high humidity will even make it feel hotter. it certainly does here in new york. over a dozen people have died and the nation's power grid is also being pushed to the limit. we head outside to lonnie quinn for the latest. he's braving it for us. it is going to get hot, very hot here. it's going to get hot where you live as well. this heat is something else. day after sweltering day from the gateway arch in st. louis to chicago's lakefront to times square in new york city, the triple digit temperatures just will not quit. 238 cities to be exact have set all-time highs in the last 30 days. according to weather historian chris bur
july low 80's. in kansas city. we will cover that. and guess who will join us? among others the newest member of the fox sports team. many our male guests in the audience may recognize her, and i will ask her about the things anyone should ask her about and baseball, too. unless breaking news changes everything. the biggest cell phone network in the nation are now reporting major jump in surveillance requests. authorities reportedly asking for everything from g.p.s. coordinants to text messages. and they are doing it more than a million times. and many of the customers were not suspected of crimes. why is that? and six united states airmen buried at arlington national cemetery decades after issuing a may day signal during vietnam war. >> and a fistfight after a little league baseball game. if you have not seen this, you need see this. stay classy, parents. all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 2:00 in kansas city, president obama today pushing for another extension of the bush tax cuts but only for the middle class. the move sets up another election y
shots every morning. you never know how they're going to come in on us. >> good morning, everybody, on this tuesday morning. the gang is all here again. >> everyone here. we have a lot to get to this morning. the race for the white house could not be any closer right now. we have a brand-new abc news poll. it's out this morning, showing voters split down the middle between president obama and mitt romney. you see it right there. dead heat. we're going to get into what this all means and talk to the president's top political strategist, in just a minute. >> four months to go until election day. >>> and justin bieber, calling 911, claiming paparazzi in five cars are chasing him at high speed on a california freeway. you're going to hear the dramatic call for the first time this morning. >> you can hear he was worried at that one. >>> and how about that debut for "gaa." josh and lara are here. you had a live studio audience. a lot going on. >> and you know what we had? nice gifts from the two of you. and sammy. thanks, buddy. that was terrific. thank you, guys. yes, yes. it only took
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